40mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Soft Gels - by Panacea Life

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Aches and pains are inevitable when you live an active lifestyle. So to help you get in the saddle, Panacea Life has taken what nature gave us and developed a line of HEMP products that not only help you manage life's little pains, but let you do it naturally. 

Panacea's HEMP is Colorado grown, and their products are made in their GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) deigned, Colorado facility.

These soft gels are full of 40mg FULL SPECTRUM HEMP OIL to give you your DAILY dose of hemp benefits. They also have 70mg capsules if you need a higher dose. 

Try it for yourself and feel how the hemp life works for you.


"I use it for everything, especially with my knee after ACL surgery. Sometimes after heavy sessions surfing and bodysurfing, it gets sore and stiff. So now I try and take the tablets routinely before and after, and it cuts my swelling and any down time in half. Before I might have had to rest it for a few days, but now I can be back out there the next day and never miss a day of swell."

- Drew Farwell - Outdoor Junkiez Co-Founder